Florence Welch Inspired Lookbook Video!

Major shout out to Tina Newton for creating this awesome behind the scenes look of the Florence Welch inspired lookbook! Check it out and give it a thumbs up!



Lion Hearted Girl

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired by Florence Welch (of the band, Florence & the Machine). So with the help of my gorgeous friends, I styled a few fashion and makeup looks according to my latest style inspiration in honor of Florence’s new album release, entitled,

“How big, How Blue, How Beautiful”.


“you are the silence in between what I thought & what I said”

DSC_0016 DSC_0024DSC_0025DSC_0029

“just keep following the heart lines on your hand”

DSC_0056 DSC_0063 DSC_0069 DSC_0075 DSC_0089

“a falling star fell from your heart and fell into my eyes”

DSC_0106 DSC_0121 DSC_0110 DSC_0099


A HUGE thank you to Jenna, Shelby and Grace for posing in the cold and being amazing sports throughout the whole process! And be on the lookout for a complimentary video filmed by the ever so awesome, Tina!


Once Upon a December…

dec 14 fav 1It’s officially January 7 and I am still in denial that December has ended. Not only was it my birthday month and Christmas time, but many new beauty products were discovered and are now stored in my “favorites” book. And being that I LOVE discovering products from other bloggers, I decided to share my new favorites with you! 

dec fav 2

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask in Mint & Lemon

One day while shopping in Ulta I came across this face mask and I am SO glad I did. I’ve never used a mask that makes my skin feel as refreshed and clean as this does and the scent of mint and lemon are a great plus! Definitely check this product out if you are having a bad skin day and are trying to prevent breakouts.

dec fav 3

Premier Hand and Body Cream- Luxury Collection with Dead Sea Minerals

I received this product from my sister as a birthday gift. After the first use I could definitely tell the difference in moisture in my skin from the lemon and tea tree oils in the lotion and I love it!

dec fav 4

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I know, I know, this product has been raved about all over… but I’m jumping on the beauty bandwagon! I am absolutely OBSESSED with this concealer! It provides medium to heavy coverage and it evens out discoloration and prevents redness. It lasts quite a long time on the skin as well. This product is now in my holy grail of beauty products! I HIGHLY recommend!

Essie Good to Go Topcoat

Looking for a topcoat that leaves a brilliant shine but doesn’t take forever to dry? This topcoat is your answer! It literally dries within 1-2 minutes and shines perfectly.

Essie Warm and Toasty Turtleneck

This gorgeous shade of light purple has been my go-to color lately. I’ve received many compliments on it and am in love with the shade. Essie, you’ve done it again!

Revlon 24hr Coverstay Foundation

Now, as much as I love trying out and experimenting with new makeup products, new foundations absolutely scare the heck out of me. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the absolute worst at color matching and I always have to have my sister to accompany me to pick a new one out. It’s almost like getting into a new relationship and I’m scared it won’t be dependable and change shades on me when  I actually try it. But this particular foundation hasn’t let me down yet! It gives medium coverage and does indeed last a long time! It gives the perfect amount of moisture without my skin looking too caky or oily. And I believe it was only about $10 (which compared to my normal urban decay budget isn’t bad!).

Urban Decay- De-slick Makeup Setting Spray

I have quite oily skin so products that make my skin matte-looking are always welcome! This spray is awesome when I know I’ll be out and about all day and won’t have an opportunity to touch up my makeup. It just sets my makeup and keeps it looking decent throughout the day.

dec fav 5

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte

At the beginning of December I was in search of a nice berry lip color and decided to splurge a bit on this gorgeous lipstick. It gives a gorgeous berry shade that goes on matte. It definitely lasts all day and I occasionally mixed with a gloss on top to add some shimmer.

Benefit BROWzings

This product is a fairly new one as I got it as a Christmas present but I’m so grateful for it! My natural brows aren’t very defined and these tools help make them stand out a bit more with a colored wax and natural looking powder.

dec fav 6

dec fav 7

Too Faced Sugar & Spice Eyeshadow Pallet 

Last but not least, this brilliant eyeshadow pallet! I typically go for a natural smoky eye with lots of neutrals and different shades of brown or purple so this pallet is absolutely perfect! I think I used it every day (that I actually took the effort to put makeup on) in December.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my December beauty favorites! Definitely go check them out and see if they become your new beauty fave!

p.s. If you would like to see a January clothing haul let me know in the comments below!


“Baby, it’s cold outside…”

Well, not exactly in South Texas. I traveled home for Christmas and as a matter of fact it was a breezy, 60 degrees on Christmas Day. I didn’t realize how much I had missed being on the coast until I saw the water. Since being down, I had a mini photo shoot of my sweet sister for her graduation invitations. (I still can’t believe she’s already graduating high school!?) We also had a little fun on the shore playing in the sand. :p  It was overcast and there was a chance of rain so the decision to lean towards an army-style jacket with a hood was a must.


Jacket: GAP, Top: Forever 21, Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Vans, Necklace: Forever 21

beach3 beach5 beach2 beach4 mel2 mel5 mel7 mel8mel10

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to a beautiful new year!


Holiday Lookbook for Winter 2014!

Merry Christmas! It’s time once again for cool, crisp air, holiday decorations and winter break (for us college kids). I, with the gracious modeling assistance from a couple of my friends, put together a few outfits to help inspire you for upcoming Christmas parties and events for the holidays!

christmas1 christmas2

Gold Necklace & Bracelet- Forever 21, Blouse- American Eagle, Vest- Francesca’s Collections, Pants- American Eagle, Purse- Francesca’s Collections, Boots- American Eagle


Dress- Francesca’s Collections, Chambray Top- Forever 21, Bag- Bath and Body Works, Shoes- Boutique in Corpus Christi, Necklace- Francesca’s Collections


Blouse- JC Penney, Skirt- Francesca’s Collections, Shoes- Old Navy, Necklace- Francesca’s Collections

christmas5 christmas6 christmas7 christmas8 christmas9 christmas10 christmas12 christmas13

Blouse- Target, Sweater- Target, Pants- American Eagle, Boots- American Eagle, Necklace- Francesca’s Collections

christmas14 christmas15 christmas16

Top- Target, Coat- Forever 21, Jeans- Old Navy, Shoes- Old Navy, Necklace- Francesca’s Collections


Sweater- Forever 21, Jeans- Old Navy, Boots- Forever 21, Purse- Francesca’s Collections, Necklace- Francesca’s Collections

christmas18 christmas19

I hope you have enjoyed my Holiday Lookbook for Winter 2014.

Merry Christmas!


Many thanks to Macy and Jenna for helping a sister out! 🙂

State Fair Fun

I am in a Christian sorority at UNT called Sigma Alpha, and for our “new-inductee-party,” we held a date soiree at the Texas State Fair to celebrate. The weather that day was perfect. Low 70’s, with a bright shining sun in the sky. It was a great event filled with fried food, livestock shows, carnival rides and laughter!


Outfit: White Tee-Old Navy, Plaid shirt-Old Navy, Pants-Old Navy, Black Flats-Old Navy, Quilted Cross-body- Francesca’s Collections











good things

Hello ladies and gents! My name is Caitlin Holt and this is my third try at attempting to start a blog. To begin with, I am a college student attending the University of North Texas majoring in Digital Retail with a focus in fashion. I love the world of fashion and beauty (as most women do) and hope to one day become a retail buyer for a major department store. (fingers crossed :p) With this blog I plan to write about various topics in my day to day life and my favorite tips and tricks to create different looks in both beauty and fashion. Stay tuned because good things will be happening!